The average driver might not think very much of occasional chips and small cracks in their windshield. However, even the smallest windshield damage can develop into a major problem.

A windshield crack might not be an immediate danger, but it could be a long-term issue as unrepaired chips and cracks are likely to spread.

The last thing any driver needs is to have their windshield shatter while driving, but this can happen with cracked and unrepaired windshields.

Read on to find out when immediate windshield repair is an absolute must!

What Causes Windshield Damage?

There are quite a few things that could cause windshield damage. Some of the most common culprits include:

  • External Objects
  • Temperature Changes
  • Car Accidents
  • Improper Installation

There are a few ways to avoid windshield damage but preventing it entirely is virtually impossible. Still, you want to watch for these specific issues and risks.

External Objects

Perhaps the most frustrating and common sources of windshield damage are small, unexpected objects. An errant pebble or heavy acorn can seemingly cause a crack as easily as extreme weather events or a car accident.

Parking beneath trees and driving behind a utility truck or on gravelly roads can lead to impact cracks. Unfortunately, many of these hazards are difficult to avoid.

Additionally, hail can dent and crack your vehicle’s windshield. In fact, weather changes can cause significant damage to the glass.

Temperature Changes

Most modern vehicles are outfitted with specialized glass windows and windshields. These tend to handle temperature changes far better than older models.

However, even the strongest glass can shatter if exposed to rapidly changing temperatures. That’s because glass has a unique structure that responds to heat and cold.

Contrary to popular belief, glass isn’t entirely solid. It’s actually always in motion. This is why glass can vibrate at several frequencies without shattering.

When glass heats up (due to high temperatures, sun exposure, etc.), the molecules inside it become excited and begin to bounce around. When it gets cold, these molecules move more closely together.

As such, glass expands and contracts. If you’re riding around on a sunny day but are blasting your AC to extremely low temperatures, you may accidentally crack your windshield.

Car Accidents

Automobile accidents often result in cracked or shattered windshields. Even low-impact car accidents can cause cracks to form. Of course, they’re often hard to avoid – which is why they’re called “accidents”.

Be sure to invest in proper safety tech to help lower your chances of being in an accident. Reviewing general driving safety rules and tips could also help you enjoy a safer, accident-free commute.

Improper Installation

Have you had your windshield replaced? Are you sure that the service technicians installed your new windshield correctly? Improper installation is another common cause of unexpected cracks or shatters.

Whenever seeking windshield repair or replacement, be sure to do your research on the glass repair technician service. If they have glowing reviews that go back several years, you’re likely in good hands.  It’s also a great idea to ask for certifications.

When Should You Repair a Windshield Crack?

You should repair a windshield crack as soon as you notice it! Even the smallest chip or dent can become a much larger crack over time. 

Imagine this: You’re driving peacefully down the road when a pebble bounces up and smacks against your windshield. When you stop the car and get out, you notice a small chip in the glass.

Now, what you decide to do here could change everything. Let’s explore both potential routes.

Seeking Immediate Repair Services

If you seek immediate repair, you might spend about $100 on the service. At that point, you’ve nothing to worry about when it comes to your windshield.

However, previously repaired windshields might be better off being replaced. Repeated repairs are great for preventing more serious cracks from forming but they can also create a weakened windshield.

If you’ve already repaired your car’s windshield, be sure to share that information with your glass repair service. Not only will they be able to avoid putting excess pressure on that area, but they’ll be able to advise you on if you should consider a windshield replacement. Should your repair become a replacement, you can rest easy knowing that you won’t need to worry about shattered glass anytime soon.

Waiting to Repair a Windshield

Should you delay hiring a windshield repair service and continue on your way, you may run the risk of some surprise trouble. That tiny chip can spread as you move through different temperatures or types of weather.

A chipped windshield could be relatively untouched in the evening but severely cracked by the morning. Taking the time to schedule a service could help you avoid unnecessary replacement delays.

One of the most worrisome things that can happen to a cracked windshield is sudden shattering. While rare, a car moving at high speed along the highway is under a fair amount of air pressure and this can cause cracks to burst.

Waiting to repair your windshield is more likely to result in a full replacement at best than having a chip repaired soon after it occurs. 

When Is Replacing a Windshield Necessary?

When a single crack has developed in a spiderweb of cracks, it’s likely better to replace than repair. Additionally, windshields that have faced significant impact will also need immediate replacement.

Generally, vehicle owners can avoid pricey replacement services by seeking immediate windshield repairs. If you smooth out a small chip or crack early on, it won’t have the chance to become a much bigger problem later on.

It’s crucial to listen to your auto mechanic’s advice when dealing with a damaged windshield. Though replacing a windshield can be frustrating and more expensive initially, it’s often worth it in the long run and may even help save your life.

Need to Repair Your Windshield Today?

Since even the tiniest windshield crack can become a serious problem, it’s crucial to seek immediate repair or replacement services when you notice a crack, hole, or small chip in your windshield. Not only is fast action a great way to stay safe, but it could also help you save money before a full replacement is needed.

If you need your windshield repaired or replaced, contact us and schedule an appointment today!